Team Baby Jack has been very busy as more people become aware of our brand. I wanted to share some press stories that have covered our items as we are SO PROUD of our Learning Lovey Collection!

Baby Jack Learning Lovey on Red Tricycle

 Red Tricycle

These sensory tag blankets are both soothing and brain-building. Red Tricycle shares their 13 Top Holiday Gifts for Babies Under One and highlights The Learning Lovey and 8x8 Squares!

Harry Potter Wizard Baby Blanket Gift by Baby Jack Learning Lovey on Baby List


Yer a wizard, baby! These Harry Potter baby products will make your nursery feel magical. Babylist accio’d all the best Harry Potter baby and toddler products right here into one guide. Our Wizard Lovey made the cover photo!


A sensory play thing can be baby's best friend. It can also be a wonderful soother when parents cannot be near. Motherly shares their 23 Adorable Gifts for Newborn which is perfect timing for the holiday season.

baby Jack learning lovey tag blankets farm on country living

 Country Living

A perfect country gift for baby and top selling toy, this media shows off our Farm Life Learning Lovey Tag Blanket as one of 24 Gifts for Babies They'll Go Gaga for This Christmas via Country Living!

Today Parents Baby Jack Learning Lovey Space Tag Blanket

These beribboned sensory blankets have different textures and crinkle sounds. shares 37 unique baby gifts 2020, according to development experts and #8 is our Learning Lovey Blanket!

Fatherly features Baby Jack Learning Lovey Smile Window Clear Masks


The best kid’s face masks are comfortable and appealing to kids thanks to bright colors and child-friendly patterns. Fatherly featured our SMILE Mask listed by Crayola, Old Navy and Disney!

Clear Learning Lovey Smile Masks by Baby Jack on Daily Mom

 Daily Mom

While we are accessorizing our fall outfits this year, there’s a new accessory that must be considered for our family’s safety, and that’s a face mask. Daily Mom shares their review of our SMILE and fabric face masks!

Travel + Leisure top clear face masks SMILE Learning Lovey by Baby Jack

 Travel + Leisure

At this point, it's almost hard to remember a time when face coverings weren't required in most public spaces. Finally our transparent SMILE mask is revealed via top website Travel + Leisure ! featured Baby Jack Learning Lovey SMILE Masks with clear window

The best clear masks for kids for heading back to school was captured by Parenting and featured our SMILE Learning Lovey collection of clear masks. These masks help with lip reading and understanding social cues via facial expressions. and Learning Lovey SMILE Masks by Baby Jack


Baby Jack's clear masks make lip-reading possible for deaf people as COVID poses challenges. Individuals who rely on lip-reading are at a significant disadvantage and can delay cognitive development. Romper shares how our masks can change the way people stay safe and communicate. and Learning Lovey SMILE clear window masks by Baby Jack

 She Knows

Baby Jack SMILE clear masks are a must have for children going back to school and needing facial expression and interaction. shares a variety of clear window masks available and Baby Jack has your face covered! and Baby Jack Learning Lovey Smile Masks

Baby Jack & Co. has created a fabric face mask that includes a translucent, plastic window so that you can see the wearer’s mouth. This is great for young children still fostering their cognitive development and learning to communicate. Honestly, we could all use a smile! learning lovey fabric face masks by Baby Jack

Baby Jack is featured with Crayola, Cub Coats, Disney and Old Navy masks as top 10 face masks kids will wear all day via  Read about these great brands and how they are keeping kids safe and comfortable during uncomfortable times. 

Good Housekeeping Learning Lovey Smile Masks for Kids for Lip Reading to Read Facial Expressions

 Good Housekeeping

The best 13 clear masks designed to make life easier when staying safe includes Baby Jack SMILE masks.  Cloth-based face masks are best when made with tightly-woven fabrics, and the same is true for clear face masks. Read Good Housekeeping's tips on how to ensure you are buying the right one for yourself or kids.