Frozen Sensory Fun with our Polar Learning Lovey by Baby Jack

Frozen Sensory Fun with our Polar Learning Lovey by Baby Jack

Frozen Sensory Fun with our Polar Learning Lovey by Baby Jack

As we began developing The Learning Lovey Collection, the idea of penguins and polar bears was always in the back of our minds. We love the color turquoise and knew that when we finalized this design, the soft fleece bumpy backing would be a wonderful accent and be a popping color with our ribbon tags.

Many find that penguins are not "girly" enough when buying for a baby but Team Baby Jack takes great consideration into their collection and it seemed to be another fun, gender neutral item that would not only educate but comfort as your child grows. After testing this print, it has been a popular one among our winter season and for any zoo / aquarium visitor!

Bailey and Jack start at breakfast by drawing with crayons. This is my simple ask of them --- to create animals using simple shapes and let them have creative freedom. Their eyes began to see how using letters, numbers and shapes can be used in many ways. I then take pieces of their creations and re-create graphically via my computer and transform into a fabric. The process is never forced and shows the kids how we can commercialize their creativity and bring comfort to others. 

The Polar Animals print was created showing playful penguins, a seal and a polar bear surrounded by fresh water fish and ice. It was then updated once the Milwaukee County Zoo debuted their Otter exhibit for all to see. Otters simply are my personal favorite animal to observe. It was always therapeutic for me to see them gracefully swim in their tanks. Now that the exhibit is open, we are excited to see this print thrive at our local zoo! 

Team Baby Jack explored a fun sensory game by freezing some toys inside ice cubes and adding as a frozen icy playground for on top of a high chair.  Placed behind the glass baking dish is our Polar Learning Lovey for babies and toddlers have experience fun, learning and identify these cold weathered friends. 

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