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Coloring Sheets, Educational Resources, Games, Speech and Language -

Looking for ways to teach your kids with The Learning Lovey? We have a list of coloring sheets, games and ways to aide in your child's developmental growth when interacting with their favorite tag lovey by Baby Jack!

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#spreadthelovey, CHOP, finn, shark, Shark Tank -

Join Finn and Mason as we bring in donations to CHOP with this unique Ocean Shark Crinkle Tag Toy - perfect for all the special SHARK BABIES in the Cardiac NICU!  This print is special because the Shark is designed by Mason and Finn!

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bachelor -

Bachelor Peter is looking for love. As I watch him fall in love and take off with several girls in this season of The Bachelor, I developed a game. All participants at your Fantasy "draft" puts in their "PICK" of two girls that will head to the FANTASY SUITE with Peter. These picks on a piece of paper can go in a jar and remain until the end of the show. 

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Female Space Walk, Space -

I lead a scout troop of twenty-two EIGHT year-old girls. I make sure when I introduce and teach at our meetings, they know their capabilities are never limited. Many of the girls are inspired that I own by own business, design our own fabrics and let my kids help with all aspects of Baby Jack & Company.  When NASA announced that female astronauts would be landing on the moon and conducting the first ALL FEMALE space walk, I wanted to share with my girl scout troop about how far women have come, the goals I personally have reached and get them...

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pets -

Pets need comfort too!  Here is a gift guide perfect for pets from the Pet Gazette!

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