A Magical Common Room Made for Wizards - Baby Jack & Co. Office

A Magical Common Room Made for Wizards - Baby Jack & Co. Office

A Magical Common Room Made for Wizards - Baby Jack & Co. Office

This is Kelley - wife, mom, wizard and owner of Baby Jack and Company. She designs all the fun, educational prints with her children Jack and Bailey bringing learning to little kids. She is definitely one of the biggest Harry Potter fans around and literally transformed her office common room to be Wizard themed. Today, we give you a tour! 

Grab the port key and hang on with Team Baby Jack.

As anyone who has entered the Wizarding World, one must enter through Platform 9 3/4. This shower curtain drape serves as the entryway for the common room. It was purchased via Amazon and has been used to hide the contents of this room of requirement until its completion. Some members from the office are still confused how to enter and many wizards - like myself - have successfully walked directly through. Others use a port key. Walk in and instantly get sorted, but don't forget your wizard lovey!


This common room spoke to me when I first began renting, but I never knew what I wanted to do with it. It was supposed to be a playroom, then we floated the idea of having it as a storage but as I started seeing more & more wizard products (not just ours!) I slowly added to my collection to makeover the room!

The focal point in the room is the white stone fireplace. This office used to serve as a construction showroom for windows, roofing, fire place and flooring. We knew the stonework would be a great focus for hanging the house banners - found via Target.com - and an entry point for any owl posts. Team Baby Jack certainly has enough Wizard Owls floating throughout the office for each future wizard to receive their Hogwarts acceptance letter.

To get where you are going, signage is needed. I found this decal on Etsy that has all the important places at The Wizarding World. It can be customized into many different colors and is easy to apply to the wall! 

I am OBSESSED with how adorable these pillow covers turned out. I kept seeing them being suggested to me to impulse purchase on Etsy by shop Uniik Pillows and clicked add to cart. Then I went back and added to cart the Luna pillow. They DO NOT disappoint and I refuse to let the kids touch them! 

One of my other favorite finds in the room are from SweetPages on Etsy that hangs on our West Wall is the Harry Potter inspired artwork. When I design a room, I usually work the room around the artwork chosen. This was a tough one because I was very picky and had a lot of choices from artisans. We have a large blank wall with our television at the center and finding the right artwork to hang that speaks to us was important. These words that J.K. Rowling wrote give great meaning to me personally as I battled difficult times and overcame depression. These beautiful works of art are a constant reminder of how far we have all come. 

We have sliding doors and a "drive thru-like" window that the kids just love when they hang out here after school or off-days.  We wanted to close off visibility of this common room to the muggles and add Daily Prophet printables giving something the kids can enjoy + learn about the Wizarding World.  You can find a bunch of these on Etsy and eBay and download the file. I sent all files to Office Max and printed on legal format for a lower cost!

Another project you have to see right MEOW is my leftover kitten plates (that I created using Google Cat Images) from our Wizard event where we re-created Umbridge's office. Yes, I asked Katie from Team Baby Jack to dress as Delores and pose with witches and wizards. It was a sight to see and even Christmas photos were taken with her.  I couldn't toss the kitten plates (found on Amazon) and added them to this room as a fun trim piece above the doors. They are purrfect.

Since becoming a Wizard maker myself with our Wizard Learning Lovey Collection, I have collaborated and connected with many other shops that offer amazing goods. I store my collection of these adorable collectibles above our bookshelf and am so happy to finally share where I found them!

Handmade Wizard Baby Block Set by Coffee Break Crafts via Etsy

Mr. Potter
book pillow
by: Desmond Brown Design (etsy)

Hand-painted Harry Potter peg people by Green Apple Art Designs 

Wizard Crinkle Squares by Baby Jack - designed by myself and my kids!

Crotchet Crookshanks the Cat by Housepets Express  and she even has FLUFFY!!

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  • Love the Harry Potter room….how clever….have you seen the chest of drawers painted as suitcases and decorated with Harry Potter items…it would fit in nicely


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