Test. Are you Wizard OBSESSED?

Test. Are you Wizard OBSESSED?

Test. Are you Wizard OBSESSED?

Many claim to be obsessed with all things wizardry but Are You Really? If you answer Yes to 7 out of 10 of the following, then I - as a member of the Wizard Lovey Ministry of Magic (not a real thing) -  can rightfully say...you are well on your way to getting a letter to Hogwarts because You Are Obsessed. If not, you have some spells and potions to study...or perhaps our Wizard Lovey Collection can teach you a thing or two...or 9 3/4. 

. You own multiple copies of each book...hard copy & digital.
Regular Editions, Ten and Twenty Year Anniversary Editions, Special Cover Edition, Re-ReReleased Extra New Art Editions with a forward from J.K. Rowling’s editor’s granddaughter... we’ve seen them all... and we own them all. Tears fill our eyes when we hear about a NEW version and anything else associated with the stories / characters. If it’s printed we’re buying! 

9. You follow J.K. Rowling on Twitter and pray she talks to you. This will complete you and fulfill your every magical need. 

No other explanation is necessary. She is the epitome of language and imagination.


8. You listen to a Potter Podcast
There are people talk who talk Wizardry and these are your new magical friends. If your earbuds are currently in, I bet you’re listening to Mugglecast or The Leaky Cauldron. If not go download them now... Tell Andrew Sims that Peter Fragola sent you!

7. The reason you exercise is to earn your Potter related race medals and THEY ARE MAGICAL!!!!!
Virtual races are all the rage today, and for good reason.  The proceeds raised go to charity and your race hardware are Harry Potter themed. MILES MANAGED!!! 

Jack at Wizard Fest Wisconsin6. You make sure others enjoy the series as much as you do!
Attending local wizard festivals is a MUST because you feel like you NEED them to understand your love, investigating every inch and experiencing it right along with you...or you just look like Mad Eye Moody. Also, when you watch the movies with someone else, you watch them to make sure they laugh and cry at the right parts! It’s critical they other see the series exactly like you do!  If they don’t cry when (SPOILER ALERT) Hedwig dies they need to be disowned from your life!

5. You have your own Harry Potter Shrine and BUY ALL THE THINGS!!
Your office, bedroom and bookshelf is a museum of all things Harry Potter. You are borderline a collector but lean towards geeking out when you see your plethora of finds of Legos, Funko Pop! Buttons and stickers. Products are not limited to Toys, stuffed dolls, Peg People, jewelry and wands because the more the merrier. These goodies fill up shelves, walls and cork boards and need to be in your direct sight.

If it’s HP related you have it on display!  

4. You are PERMANENTLY committed. Harry Potter Tattoos anyone?
Whether it’s the obligatory All Was Well, a simply stated Always, or something much more complex... every obsessed potter fan has or wants a Harry Potter Tattoo.

3. You’ve dressed your kids/pets up as Harry Potter characters.
There’s only two reasons to have children. The first is to have them do chores and house work for you.  The second... of course it’s to wrap them up in a cute Gryffindor scarf or Adorn them with the sorting hat until they can make their own choices not to. Which they will...and then they may gravitate towards the Dark Arts.
But THAT'S OK. Look at Snape.

2. You’ve been sorted into one of the Hogwarts Houses.
Every Potter obsessed fan knows their house... and they are steadfast in their House Loyalty. Hopefully those pesky Pottermore quizzes sorted you into the house you always thought you belonged to. (And no not all Slytherins are bad... I’m not!)  Comment below our blog with your sorting!!

1You literally BUILD a cupboard under the stairs for your children to grow and love the Harry Potter series as much as you.  Let's face it, they don’t really have a choice right?  It’s Harry Potter or Fantastic Beasts... those are bedtime books and the only presents they get for holidays are Potter related... and every Potter loving parent needs to get their kid their very own Wizard Lovey by Baby Jack! 

(video by Peter Fragola and @BabyJackco)


Peter is a our resident dad. He’s an author, blogger at Chronicles of a New Dad, a former college athlete and a proud Slytherin. His passions include talking with Harry Potter GIFS, running marathons, playing with his boys and getting tattoos. 







Kelley is the owner, mom & wizard at Baby Jack who fancies all things punny. She is is a tride and true Gryffindor who will some day transfigure her children to love the series as much as she does. At a high point (before kids) she could name 157 HP Characters in 60 seconds.

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