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The Women of Our Baby Jack Business

Kelley Legler

This business was inspired by a boy, my baby Jack, but has been women owned and operated since it's conception - started by his mom and grandmother.  We are a true family business that was started out of my basement with blood, sweat and tears poured into its growth. In this blog, I want to honor the people behind me that make all the things with our business and Learning Lovey Collection run smoothly and who are making my dreams happen.

My name is Kelley, mom to Jack and Bailey and owner of Baby Jack.
You know that saying "A man is known by the company that he keeps." - it is the reason why I renamed our business to be Baby Jack And Company. To me, the company that we keep makes the brand. This business would not be possible without the support and love from those behind it - family, friends, coworkers and followers.

My right hand everything is our office manager Katie. She is the hardest working human being I have come to know. And she is my best friend.
We met through our kid's school (both her kids are the same age and friends with Jack and Bailey) and together we have been able to incorporate work & play as a family. Even if Katie doesn't need to travel for Baby Jack, it is preferred. She is well-prepared and packs everything - including bug spray, oatmeal and band-aids - which makes her perfect for her major role in the office as our shipping & fulfillment coordinator. Fun fact: Katie loves to collect tote bags and is my go-to for fun marketing videos on Instagram! 

My left hand everything is supported by our Accounts Manager Tina. I always knew she would be a perfect fit for our growing business and basically scouted
her since

she had her second child Lewis. When she was ready, she joined our team at the perfect time and now works out of her home near Madison bringing organization, spreadsheets and accountability to our daily work lives. She is extremely analytical and understands the potential our business has and the level of communication our retailers need. Fun Fact: We met in college, lived together (knows my secrets) and was my my maid of honor!

Recently our story telling has increased since mid-summer and it is all because of our collaborative efforts with two passionate moms: Kelly (Prayers for Finn) and 
Laurie (Emily's Heart). These ladies joined our team and have been sharing their lives with their online audience and ours bringing our loveys right along with them.

It's important to show what a KIND company we are and working with families to raise awareness for causes. It means so much to us and our mission to bring comfort to kids. Since joining our team, we have designed two NEW prints that raise awareness for CHD and Down Syndrome and connected with new customers supporting our business. We look forward to so many more ways to watch their kids grow right along with us. 

I must pay tribute to the little lady who will be running this business when she is older. Bailey has taken a lot of interest in the day to day of Baby Jack and assists with fun marketing, graphic designs and even sales! Fun Fact: The 14x18 size of the lovey was inspired by Bailey and originally coined as Bailey Lou's Loveys as an attempt to create a business named after her too!

There you have it: some of the women behind Team Baby Jack who everything happen. Beyond the day to day, we have a great team of seamstresses that support our local handmade products and many family and #babyjackfan customers that keep spreading brand awareness for us. From marketing, writing, sales, sewing, shipping and beyond - I couldn't be more proud of the tribe that I have working right along with me. 

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