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Puppy Love for a Lovey

Kelly Blumenthal

Animals need comfort objects too. We shower them with toys, rags, beds and more to help them get used to their new home. When we decided to adopt our dog, we knew we would need to get her a lovey from Baby Jack too. We are loyal (read our loyalty blog of why we love them!) and cannot help it! It's great quality for our boys and it has been interesting to see how Emmie would react to it.

We have had our new golden retriever puppy Emmie home for five days (read her welcome home blog) and she fits perfectly in our family and the transition has been smooth. I originally ordered the unicorn and mermaid lovey by Baby Jack for her so that I could rub it on her mom before we left so that she could have her scent on it and be comforted.

She took to her new loveys immediately and it has become her favorite toy.  I see her grabbing towels and clothes with the intent to shred it but when she grabs the lovey, she just throws it up in the air, carries it around and snuggles it.  I have a feeling that she truly feels a connection to her mom and her litter mates and it gives me a sense of peace knowing that I made the right decision buying this children’s comfort item for my new puppy. After all, they are both young and both babies and a fun test subject for Baby Jack to create a pet collection :) 

I hope that this item is something she will be able to literally and figuratively carry-on as she grows! So far, it’s surprisingly held up very well to a 10 week old puppy who’s breed has chewing down to the core! Knowing that it’s easily able to be tossed in the wash is a great thing to - wash cold / tumble dry low! Although I’ve been trying to put it off so that her mom scent continues to stay on it as long as possible :-)

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