Our story about our LOVE for Baby Jack

As a new mom, I was first introduced toBaby Jack almost 5 years ago. My oldest son (Mason) was only a couple months old and was a huge blankie baby. His blankie was pretty big and white so it got grungy and fell on the floor constantly. I heard that Baby Jack loveys were a perfect size for little ones to carry about.

I had noticed a friend like the Baby Jack Facebook page and I clicked to browse. I was curious but worried this lovey wouldn’t compare to my son’s special blankie.  I was intrigued and best of all, it was affordable and had a clip. Purchased!

The lovey came in the mail and my little Mason loved it so much that I quickly went online and ordered him the giraffe one as a back up. He still had his special blankie for naps and times where he was cranky but this back up lovey was able to hook onto anything, easy to travel with and he loved the variety of textures.

Along Came Finn...

Then baby number two came. Sweet Finn had a very small chance of surviving as he was born with heart disease. I messaged the owner Kelley on her Facebook page asking if she could embroider a special one for him and she did. Little Finn survived and at only a few days old, he had his own special original lovey in his hospital bed that was the colors (black & orange) of University Virginia Hospital. 

Surgery after surgery and struggle after struggle, we collected more loveys to have meaning for each battle he went into and each triumph he accomplished. We now have a large collection and very proud of it as they each hold special meaning. - Kelly, mom of Finn

After getting to know our family a little better and watching Finn's story unfold, Baby Jack created a prayer lovey in honor of the massive prayers Finn received that gave him life. Owner Kelley of Baby Jack literally prayed for Finn and connected with our family, bringing support, giving back sales and showing faith towards Finn and this picture is now on the Prayer Lovey product tag inspiring many more families all over in toy stores, hospitals and church gift shops! 

Finn's SPIRIT ANIMAL is the Shark and inspired this next design of Baby Jack's Learning Lovey Collection. With our prayer followers help, we brought in over 500+ Pink & Blue Shark Loveys to UVA and CHOP and handed them out during our hospital stay and visits. Finn is OBSESSED with sharks and his motto is "Just Keep Swimming" which is the perfect way to convey a message to a family who is going through a similar situation. We hope these loveys brought comfort and support during the time of need.

Now, the biggest milestone, a CHD lovey that we were able to help design...100 hearts on one lovey and 1 is broken, bringing awareness to the statistic of 1 in 100 babies are diagnosed with Congenital Heart Defects. The relationship between our family and Baby Jack has evolved so immensely and we are beyond grateful for the opportunity to spread awareness, bring comfort and help other families not feel alone. The lovey becomes a childhood staple and we are living proof of that. We can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

Finn and I have joined forces with Team Baby Jack to spread awareness for CHD and we need your help. Spread the word about this KIND company and support their small business.  

For ANY purchase via their website with code FINNSLOVEYS, you will get 25% off!!



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  • I would like to order a heart lovie for a sweet 5 week old little girl who is having surgery this Friday how do I do that?

    Jo Ann Fritz on

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