May the Fourth Be With You!

May the Fourth Be With You!

May the Fourth is an exciting day in our home, not only is it Space Day but it is the day that Bailey - Jack's sister - was born. She is the force that makes all of our fabrics, a textile designer at 8 years old. We never took Star Wars Day into consideration when scheduling her birth, but it fits perfectly with our family, especially since designing the Outer Space Learning Lovey print which is our May Design of the Month!

The Space design was created when we began to expand our travel prints and immediately - as a science fan - I knew I wanted to make a fun, galactic design filled with the shapes found in outer space. The kids have been fascinated by planets and the solar system so as always, the creation process was FUN.

One thing that made this print even more special was when NASA gift shops began to carry our products to sell to staff families at the NASA Goddard Space Training Center! 

Yes, we literally SELL TO NASA! 

This ignited a fury in me to teach more about space to my children and to top it off, this year NASA announced the next person to land on the moon with be a FEMALE. Just when you think that opportunities may seem "out of this world" you take one more GIANT leap to grow your future. 

Our designs are all about TEACHING and bringing COMFORT to kids. I love telling stories that inspire the print choices and also hearing how our #babyjackfan community includes education with their Learning Lovey blankets. Grab a lovey today -- use code MAYTHE4TH for an exclusive 40% off discount to honor Bailey, our daughter, sister, designer and future space explorer!

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