Lovey of the Month: Unicorn Learning Lovey by Baby Jack

Lovey of the Month: Unicorn Learning Lovey by Baby Jack

Lovey of the Month: Unicorn Learning Lovey by Baby Jack

Bailey Legler, sister to CEOJack of Baby Jack & Co. is no longer in the background, she is following in her moms footsteps. At the age of seven, she can add designer, product developer and social media marketing to her resume for her involvement in their family business!

Interview with Bailey about her working with our Baby Jack business:

MOM: Tell me about yourself and your brother and our family business:
My name is Bailey Legler. Jack is my big brother. A lot of the blankets we create are perfect for either boys or girls. My mom calls it a gender neutral collection but I really wanted to design something PINK. Even though this Baby Jack business is named after my brother, I like to think that I do more work than him and can help with a lot of the creating. I do more work than Jack does and some day this business will be all mine to run, just like my mom! (snorting laughter)

MOM: That is good you want to run the business. That makes me feel happy. Please tell us about your new design. 
I designed a very PINK unicorn blanket because I love unicorns and pink is my favorite color. I added hearts, music notes - because I like dancing - stars - since I want to be a rock star - and a party hat for all the unicorns. Confetti is all over to show off the unicorns having a fun party. 

You are now in 2nd grade. What's your favorite subject in school? 
Art and science. I like to build things and use my imagination. I am in art club and I like to use the computers too. Sometimes my mom lets me use her computer to play around!

Like all of The Learning Lovey Collection, the Legler kids begin by coloring on paper. They take shapes, letters and numbers to create pictures. Mom then graphically transfers them via computer with her design background and works with a textile company to bring them to life on The Learning Lovey blankets. It's a wonderful "look & find" concept that can grow with a child and teach them at different milestones in their life. 

MOM: Why do you think babies will like this unicorn blanket / toy? 
Babies will like the bright colors and their mom spreads love to them, that is why there is hearts. Moms and dads like to sing songs to babies and throw them parties! Unicorns are magical and rainbows are beautiful - so are all babies!

The Learning Lovey is not just for babies. It is a comfort object that can grow with a child.  Since Bailey was a day old, she has been given a Baby Jack lovey to hold / fidget and play with. It has brought her comfort and still to this day sleeps with her "B". Since designing the unicorn print, she makes sure it is on display in her bright pink room with the rest of her magical creatures --- always throwing a party, of course. 

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