The 911 Memorial Museum & Ground Zero

The 911 Memorial Museum & Ground Zero

September 11th will forever be etched into our memory as a day of impact. Impacting lives across all continents of every race, religion and industry. Each person has a recollection of how that day affected them personally and each has a story of where they were at that exact moment. 

I was in Global Studies class my second year in college.  I remember the panic on my teacher's face as she dismissed us all and instructed us to go straight to our residence. I was glued to the television, watching live when it all unfolded. What shook me the most was the amount of hours, days and weeks following that volunteers across the nation contributed to the cleanup and rescue of the 911 attack on our freedom.  This has forever made me fall in love with New York City and honor any person that contributes to communities and country. 

When Baby Jack began creating designs aligning with those that protect and serve, I personally had a goal to sell to the 911 Memorial Museum Gift Shop.  This May in 2022, Team Baby Jack visited NYC and celebrated the museum gift shop carrying our fire, police and American flag loveys. We spent time visiting ground zero, the water falls where the towers once stood, the several white oak trees that resembled the lives lost during the attack and the FDNY 10 House fire station directly across from ground zero.

It was a very spiritual journey that I will honor and #neverforget.

@babyjackco_learninglovey September 11th #911attack is marked in our memories forever. Years may pass but we still feel the same feelings and now we share them with our children. I feel blessed to have created a design to honor those fallen and sell at the 911 Memorial Museum Gift Shop. #september11 #fdny10 #groundzero #twintowers #freedtomtower ♬ Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) - Alan Jackson
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