Learning Cities And States With The Learning Lovey: UTAH

Learning Cities And States With The Learning Lovey: UTAH

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Learning Cities And States With The Learning Lovey: Utah State! Did you know there is a real-life RAINBOW bridge??

Reminds us of one of our favorite loveys.. ;)  

Sunshine 10x10 Rainbow Baby Lovey

Sunshine 10x10 Rainbow Baby Lovey

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We love to not only provide comfort to your toddler as well as sensory experiences, but we love learning and sharing that with our Baby Jack family. When we think of vacations, often we think of somewhere far away - forgetting the amazing places right around us, sometimes in our backyard! Utah is full of adventure with many things to do outside. We hope with our learning series on states and cities around the US you will follow along with us and share your adventures and family-friendly recommendations. 

Join us in our learning lovey series across the United States! Not only are our products meant to comfort your child, but we also want to show them how learning can be fun! Learning Lovey Cities and States series is here to help!

Did you know? Utah is the second dryest state after Nevada!

Check out things we love about Utah!

Learning Lovey Utah

Utah is FULL of outdoor wonders! Have you seen all the things you can do in Park City?! Even in the summer! Move over, Six Flags. 

Traveling to Utah?

We recommend a family road trip! Unlike many other destinations, your family won't be bored over and over by highway after highway. Utah is scenic and beautiful, making the drive just as fun as the destinations you are driving to!

  1. Learn about Utah's Moron heritage! Learning about other religions and cultures helps your kiddo (and let's face it, us adults too!) help aid in understanding that not everyone is alike, and that is a beautiful thing!
  2. Ski on the greatest snow! There are so many ski resorts in Utah, you are bound to find one just right for your family!
  3. Visit Moab and experience nature's playground. 
  4. Soak up the sun on Lake Powell! Check out the hanging gardens, golden cliffs, and narrow slot canyons!
  5. Check out here for an itinerary built for you! 

Tag us in your adventures, and don't forget to follow along! 

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