Learning Cities And States With The Learning Lovey: Washington State

Learning Cities And States With The Learning Lovey: Washington State

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Learning Cities And States With The Learning Lovey: Washington State! We'll cover the scenic landscape (including Orca spottings!), rodeos, and iconic attractions. Baby Jack is happy to help plan your next family vacation. 

We love to not only provide comfort to your toddler as well as sensory experiences, but we love learning and sharing that with our Baby Jack family. When we think of vacations, often we think of somewhere far away - forgetting the amazing places right around us, sometimes in our backyard! Washington is full of adventure with many things to do outside in the lush green surroundings. We hope with our learning series on states and cities around the US you will follow along with us and share your adventures and family-friendly recommendations. 

Join us in our learning lovey series across the United States! Not only are our products meant to comfort your child, but we also want to show them how learning can be fun! Learning Lovey Cities and States series is here to help!

Did you know? Washington State produces over half of the nation's apples!

Check out things we love about Washington!

The above is a great jumping-off point in planning your family vacation to Washington State and we've got more to share with you on sources we have found helpful. 

Traveling to Seattle?

OK, we got you with the Space Needle (and our puppy friend agrees with his nose right on it!) but what else to do in Seattle?

  1. The Pacific Science Center will surely be a hit for your family! They have something for everyone and always have a unique exhibit on deck.
  2. Visit the Seattle Aquarium and learn more about our friends in the ocean. 
  3. Take a boat ride to Vashon Island, or Bainbridge Island! Can't go wrong with a boat ride!
  4. Visit a local shop, like the Ye Old Curiosity shop down on the Seattle Waterfront where there is sure to be something for everyone.
  5. Check out here for budget-friendly options! 

Tag us in your adventures, and don't forget to follow along! 

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