Mukwonago Wisconsin Stroller Tag Toy Lovey by Baby Jack & Co.

$ 13.95
Type: Lovey

Mukwonago family business Baby Jack & Co. designed the Fast M Lovey Collection in soccer, basketball, football and baseball designs! 50% of your purchase supports our Mukwonago Soccer teams!! GO BLUE. BE GOLD.

This Mukwonago Kids Stroller Tag Toys is perfect gift and for keeping your little one entertained and a great way to support your local Mukwonago High School Athletics (50% is donated to the Mukwonago Soccer Team to grow their program, buy new jerseys, etc.).

Featuring a variety of sensory stimulation, your child can explore and develop their motor, tactile and auditory skills during playtime. This toy provides endless opportunities for discovery and learning. Ribbons are uniquely sewn shut into tabs to prevent fingers from getting intertwined. 

Ways to Use the Lovey