Easter Crinkle Tag Square 8" x 8"

$ 13.95
Type: Lovey
Sensory crinkle baby jack paper tag toys help develop the five senses. These security blankets quickly become the favorite of both child and parent for so many reasons. A fidget newborn infant kid toy that helps stimulate sense of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Speech and language specialists and therapists love these for self regulation and occupational feeding use.
The NEW Easter Crinkle 8x8 Tag Square is a perfect gift for your little one's bunny baskets. The adorable pastel color palette will entice the sense of sight and evoke baby's development. The fluffy friends of bunnies, ducks, lambs and sheep will excite your little one. Touch and feel the soft textured minky plush backing for added sensory stimulation. 

8x8 comes with crinkle sounding paper inside and a toy link to clip for on the go.