Your Future’s So Bright You Have to Wear Shades

Your Future’s So Bright You Have to Wear Shades

Your Future’s So Bright You Have to Wear Shades

CONFESSION: I personally don’t wear sunglasses! I know right? Most adults are obsessed! I really should wear them but I am constantly misplacing or breaking them. My kids Mason and Finn are quite the opposite as they LOVE wearing sunglasses. What they don’t like is the sun in their eyes, little vampires! 

Their favorite shades are these adorable Babiators because they fit, are comfy and are super stylish! They also have an amazing guarantee for any pair lost, stolen or broken if you register them - a win for all! Babiators has been a follower of Prayers for Finn for quite some time and have supported donations to hospitals and many causes. 

As you may know, my son Finn has been through a lot of medical challenges in his three years of life being diagnosed with CHD. The story of finding Babiators is more than just a FB search - this product has brought so much JOY to our difficult situation. I kept thinking about how hard this moment was going to be for me seeing my child in a hospital bed after open heart surgery and how in the world I was going to keep it together and be strong. After seeing the adorable pictures of kids in sunglasses on the Babiators Facebook page I started to picture Finn doing all the fun things in his life and vowed to make sure those things happen. Due to his medical fragility, babies cannot have many items in their crib due to infection which is why I ordered a pair (red for the heart of course) and immediately emailed the company asking if there was any way I could ensure that I would receive them before the surgery. Babiators, his Wubbanub and Baby Jack lovey were among the few products used to keep Finn comfortable in the hospital. 

After his surgery he ROCKED those shades and the very first thing I thought of wasn't about how much pain he was in or the guilt that I put him through. Instead, I thought 
your future’s so bright you have to wear shades!’ 

As Finn grew, so did his experiences with all the beloved products we are loyal to. He took these favorites EVERYWHERE.

When we are running errands or traveling all summer, our sunglasses are next to the kids along with the Learning Lovey blanket.  In the car, the kids will even slide the shades on and off and play peek a boo with the lovey or put the shades on the stuffed animal shark. At the beach sun, shades and shark loveys are the accessories. 

Don’t forget to rock grab your favorite accessories of Babiators - visit them today - Sunglasses day and grab a Baby Jack Learning Lovey online if you are looking for gifts. Well made products with GREAT people behind the brands! CODE: FINNSLOVEYS for 25% off via

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