We found Peter hiding in a cupboard under the stairs...and WE HIRED him!

We found Peter hiding in a cupboard under the stairs...and WE HIRED him!

I was browsing the plenty of Harry Potter posts that consumed my news feed and spotted Parents Magazine posted an adorable Harry Potter baby photo. Per usual I commented - casually mentioning our Wizard Lovey with a link to find it on our website. Scrolling down I noticed a few other pictures linked to a blog post about a Super Dad who custom built a reading nook to replicate the cupboard under the stairs in the Harry Potter book and movie. I messaged this Super Dad. 

Say hello to Peter. 

Peter Fragola is the voice / writer of blog Chronicles of a New Dad. He is an author, sports enthusiast, avid Packer fan, Wizard lover and an educator.  He has expertise in child development and a father with his very own baby Jack (Jackson A.K.A Jax) and son Oliver.  Peter has joined our team as our Media Marketing Man who will continue telling stories about how a Baby Jack learning lovey can impact a child and beyond. 

He knows first hand about our Wizard Lovey (someone gifted him one) and is passionate about all things Harry Potter. In fact, a picture of the Wizard Lovey showed up in his viral blog post about his Cupboard Under the Stairs Book Nook that will bring many magical moments encouraging reading and education of the Wizarding World for his sons.

Yep, you are hired Peter. This journey is going to be MAGICAL. 

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