The #INSTA30 Photo Contest Winner!

The #INSTA30 Photo Contest Winner!

The #INSTA30 Photo Contest Winner!

Imagine working with THIRTY talented people who know how to photograph products, places and kids. Throw them all into a contest and reward them with NEW products each week and items to give back to charity...If they don't get voted off. That was our Insta30 Photo Brand Rep Contest and it has come to an end. 

With all the adorable photos taken of kids loving their lovey, there HAS to be a winner chosen. Unfortunately Team Baby Jack just couldn't choose (we all had different favorites) and we left it up to our loyal audience of #babyjackfan followers to decide. 

Votes came pouring in and we tallied them in different ways. Our website had an online voting system, INSTAStories had a poll, INSTATV took your comments and our INSTA account of @babyjackco counted who you yearned to win. 

DRUMROLL PLEASE....well, as you can see from above, our winner is @mamakateplus3 who recently gave birth to another #babyjackfan amidst this finals contest!  

She has been a constant of promoting our brand across all of her social channels and utilizing stories to reach a wider audience. Her kids brighten our day with the open mouth smile and the lighting of her shots were spot on. 

We are so pleased we were able to connect with each and every person via this Instagram Contest and blessed to have developed friendships with many. It is amazing to have LOYAL #BABYJACKFAN FOLLOWERS who love our brand.

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