The Grand Thing About Grands

The Grand Thing About Grands

The Grand Thing About Grands

Grandparents are the best and in our home, we are so lucky to not just have grand parents but great grand parents on both sides. They provide such an important part of their lives and enrich them so much.

We feel completely blessed to have grandparents in our lives.

My kids act completely different around grand parents and great grand parents. They love them dearly and seem to have a calmness when they are around them. They have also been completely gentle and respectful especially at such a young age. 

My kids seem to listen to their grandparents a bit better than with me. Which means that they learn more because they are actually paying attention. Grandparents are also good about teaching them lessons from the past including lots of genealogy information about our family and what they used to do and where they came from. Sometimes I learn new things as well. 

Another thing they like to teach them is about gardening. All of our grandparents and great grandparents love gardening. I totally don’t have a green thumb so this has been amazing to know and see and have them experience. The kids are able to name certain flowers and plants and even know how to care for them and watch them grow. 

My kids love cars or anything with wheels so another thing they love to do is to sit in the grandparents cars. If they get to ride in them that’s a double bonus. I don’t think the fascination with wheels is going to go away anytime soon! They also love photos of what cars they grew up driving because they look so different then ours. 

They love reading with them and sitting on their laps, being held by them and of course giving hugs. That’s my favorite part to watch and experience is just seeing that special kind of love. There’s no smile and laughter like it! 

Happy Grandparents Day to all the loving people that help shape the lives of children. Your presence means more than you will ever know!


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