Wizard Lovey by Baby Jack on Parents.com, ScaryMommy.com, Fatherly, Babble.com, TheBump.com

The Daily Prophet: Have You Seen this Wizard Lovey?

The Daily Prophet: Have You Seen this Wizard Lovey?

The Wizard Lovey by Baby Jack has been showing up on media sites and videos across the internet due to Dad author, writer and principal Peter Fragola. He is the Harry Potter loving dad who transformed a crawl space under the stairs to replicate Harry Potter's first bedroom, a cupboard under the stairs in The Sorcerer's Stone. This blog post via his Chronicles of a New Dad site went viral and our Wizard Lovey was seen on Parents.com, ScaryMommy.com, a video on Fatherly, Popsugar Moms, The Bump, Babble and more! 

 Personally, as a huge Harry Potter fan, I got tagged in one of Peter's viral posts about his reading nook and didn't notice our own blanket. It must have been hiding under an invisibility cloak because usually I am prone to finding our products.  

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