Ten Favorites From Farmer Finn

Ten Favorites From Farmer Finn

Yeehaw! There is nothing cuter than baby animals being adored by tiny humans. There is nothing my kids love more than farm animals and spending time with them. We are grateful for the community farms that allow our family to visit and we of course try to bring the Farm Lovey by Baby Jack with us as the boys recognize all of the animals easily and loved the primary colors. 

In the car after farm visits, the kids love to sing Ole McDonald Had a Farm and name all the animals we saw while identifying them on the lovey attached to their car seat. Each animal is designed using shapes by kids Jack and Bailey (they draw them with crayons) and it's a perfect way to teach and watch them learn! 

10. One of Finn's top farm animals is by far the pig. He knows the sounds and since having his own Farm Learning Lovey he can see how Baby Jack used triangles for the ears and circles for the snout.  My heart almost exploded when a friend sent me a message saying she had several piglets less than 24 hours old. They were the cutest and we all wanted to take them home.  
Little Lund Farm

9.  Our family got to visit with Adventures of Finn the Mid size Jersey steer. His Mission is to make a  big difference in the world by bringing smiles to everyone he meets.  

8 & 7.
Our recent farm adventures have also brought us a love of baby goats! We’ve even been able to bottle feed them. They sound like real human babies when they make their little goat noises. Goats will literally eat anything so the farmers have to be very careful in the environment they are placed in.

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My personal favorite have been the baby chicks. Goodness they are so sweet! They even lay down and close their eyes when they sleep. We purchase six of them every year and the kids always seem to name them after their favorite Disney characters at the time! 

If your kids are still growing and at the stage of learning about animals, colors and shapes, I really suggest you grab a Baby Jack Learning Lovey. It's a fun way to bring your adventures back home with you and continue the educating! 

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Looking forward to picking out loveys for two new grandchildren expected this summer!


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