Teachable Moments From the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Teachable Moments From the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Teachable Moments From the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

During different times in my life, I have found comfort in reading Harry Potter. I would get lost in the wizarding world, witch has helped me overcome Sirius anxieties and ease difficult transitions. Dementors would be sucking all that is good in me and simply opening a book, escaping / finding solace in the writing about The Boy Who Lived would help me cope. It brought me so many teachable moments as I look back and reflect. 

My patronus is Harry Potter.

Since I opened the very first book, I was enchanted by the magic of J.K. Rowling's writing, forgetting reality for a small portion of my day.  Every book left me wanting more and eager to see how each character personality developed. J.K. Rowling got me to read again as an adult and she taught me that imagination can take me to amazing placesThe themes of love, good vs. evil, friendship, bravery and overcoming challenges taught us all so much and inspired Team Baby Jack to design a collection of Wizard fabrics to teach kids at a young age about this magical world.  
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The Wizarding World evokes a variety of different emotions. It brings me back to my childhood of goofing around with friends and establishing your people as well as who your rivals are. Friendship is a theme that is portrayed all throughout the series of books and it teaches each reader how important it is to rely on friends when needed most, and when you least expect them to come to your aide. Personally it proved to also never discredit a person because they may turn out to be your biggest asset.

A favorite part in the book is when Neville turns out to be the bravest one of all killing the snake of He Who Must Not Be Named in Deathly Hallows. He always showed the most amount of hesitation but when the time came, he had the most courage.

While exploring this magical world, I was brought (many times) to tears out of pure happiness and sadness for the beloved friends I made on paper. The character connections made and milestones that each embarked on, as well as overcoming obstacles and grief made each word read more real. Harry Potter taught me about reflection and how to adjust to every situation.

As an adult who is re-reading the series again, the statement of I Open At The Close stays more true than ever before as I tend to go through character withdrawals after completing the final book. The moment I close that chapter, a new one opens as  I am able to introduce it to my children, viewing the stories from the eyes of my kids.  Harry Potter has taught me patience and love as a parent. 

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter taught me the concept of taking chances. As a business owner, parent, and human being - without risk, there is no reward. This is my personal passage for life and to never be afraid of failing.  By taking a chance you are truly living without holding back. We who have read the series know that J.K. Rowling loves to share this theme all throughout the pages but Dumbledore holds my favorite quote: It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live."



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