Fire Safety & Rescue Rides

Fire Safety & Rescue Rides

Fire Safety & Rescue Rides

Baby Jack will always be a company that recognizes the KIND people that serve and protect. Fire, EMT / Rescue, Police and Military members have a special place in our hearts and we designed Learning Loveys to pay tribute. Often we teach our own kids about giving back by donating the loveys so they can bring comfort to children on rescue rides. Just recently Team Baby Jack & family dropped off loveys to Sun Prairie Fire & Police in honor of a volunteer Captain who lost his life in an explosion. It was extremely important to our own family as my in-laws reside in this town. 

Over the years, Kelly and her family have taken several trips to their local fire station bringing the American Flag lovey with them. They have 
always had a special place for fire and rescue and emergency personnel since there are countless stories of how they have helped The Blumenthal family. From teaching CPR, thanking them for prompt house arrivals for emergencies, and emergency med flight, reuniting with the 911 operator that told Kelly how to give Finn CPR when he was having seizures. They truly save lives and there are so many different people involved behind the scenes that totally deserve some credit! It’s nice to visit the stations, give the volunteers and personnel a hug and really thank them for all of their hard work and for putting their lives on the line for families like ours!

We can’t wait to visit these local stations again in the near future and show them our new comfort accessory plus donate Fire / Police loveys for rescue rides!

Many of your local fire departments will be organizing Fire Safety Weeks at schools and an open house to come and visit / learn about your city station procedures. Check out your city Facebook pages or websites and visit / say thanks!!  Bring a Baby Jack Learning Lovey with you too and use the 20% off code above!

If your family member, friend or even yourself is a part of this fire and rescue community, we at Team Baby Jack want to thank you! Your bravery and commitment to others is so valued and appreciated!
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