a Recap of  Shark Week at The Cape

a Recap of Shark Week at The Cape

a Recap of Shark Week at The Cape

It’s the end of shark week and wow has it been a week! And the Finn Shark Lovey came along for the entire trip! The shark lovey plush is a great white shark; the most popular and well known shark - and Baby Jack just found PINK Sharks left in stock!! 

Use code SHARKWEEK until Sunday to get 20% off + Baby Jack donates a lovey back to friends of Finn at CHOP!

We started off the week highlighting businesses that do deals for shark week including Mountaineer Popcorn, Great Clips, donut stores and even USPS sells stamps, which of course Finn had to get as a keepsake. 

On the third day into shark week, we hopped on a fight for the shark meca of the United States and no, it’s not Florida! It’s Cape Cod believe it or not! This is where Discovery Channel does the majority of its research and it’s where the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy is! Cape cod is also super over populated with seals which is a preference of food for sharks. They have over 350 great white sharks just in the city of Chatham alone! 

We took a cruiser boat out to learn how to tag sharks and track them. We also tried to track shark Finn that was named after our warrior Finn in 2015. He is an enormous great white with a scar on his Finn, fierce and rocking his scar! He was not hanging around but we know he will be back as there are a lot of seals. We went to the seal hang out to see if a great white would pop up for a bite but the tide was really high so fortunately for the seals, there were no sharks!

When we were back on land, Finn and Mason CAUGHT A SHARK WHILE FISHING!! Definitely was a highlight being able to touch a shark and throw it back!

We finished our Great White Conservancy visit by checking out the conservancy and museum. We looked for shark teeth, studied their habitats and were able to dive with sharks through a Virtual Reality exhibit and even get in a giant shark diving cage! It was jawesome!!!!! The rest of the week we have a couple of other fun tiny surprises and highlighting more fintastic shark facts! Sad that our favorite week of the year is just shy of being done but it always gives us more to look forward to the next year! Have a jawesome week! Xo

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