Sewing Saved Me. A Story of Depression and Creating a Better Life.

Sewing Saved Me. A Story of Depression and Creating a Better Life.

Sewing literally saved my sanity. 
I am not a weak person. I have value and so much to give that it hurt me to know during that difficult time I had to focus on myself. I decided to use my business as an outlet.

My mom taught me how to sew. My mother-in-law and I created a strong bond, working together to build a business, providing both of us a time to connect and share our creative passions. We traveled, attended craft fairs, built websites, built a strong #babyjackfan following, rejoiced when we opened new store accounts and improved our design processes–all out of my basement. We grew a brand that is recognized all over the U.S. and in various countries and all of my past weaknesses fueled my motivation to succeed.

I never would have thought a sewing machine would turn me into a sobbing mess on a Monday but writing this blog post has made me reflect on how far I really came. I was embedded deep into the darkness and my husband pulled me out of it along with sewing. 

It's National Sewing Day. A day I feel I need to recognize as it was a turning point in my life. This business has been another child of mine. I get emotional when I see it grow, I drop everything when something comes up, I give it my love / time / energy - difficult to take a day off - and like parenting, IT TAKES TEAMWORK. 

Being an entrepreneur is no easy feat. Along with the constant creation, comes the self doubt and redirection. I am happy to have found specific people on Team Baby Jack that sometimes  balance out my crazy and tie up loose ends.  We work hard together and play harder. All in all, we have the passion to bring comfort & educational to all with a safer alternative tag blanket and toy with RIBBONS SEWN SHUT.

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