September Spotlight: Pineapple on Main

September Spotlight: Pineapple on Main

September Spotlight: Pineapple on Main

I love my job. I adore the connections we make with other savvy entrepreneurs and get excited when we can support one another beyond the sale. Pineapple on Main was one of those retailer accounts that I followed on Instagram and received notifications of their posts. They are THAT GOOD with social media. Plus, who doesn't love to see how many products can be PINEAPPLE related and available to consumers? 

When I finally was in sales mode and approached Kathy Picarri to carry our products in her store, I knew with her eye for modern brands, Baby Jack crinkle squares would be a good fit. They ordered...they sold...sometimes four in one transaction! Kathy ordered again and her feedback helped with opening other store accounts too!

Since becoming a great retailer of our Baby Jack crinkle squares, Kathy has taken notice of our marketing efforts for our stores and quickly became a retailer that posted frequently on social media sharing her love for our modern designs!  These posts did not go unnoticed as Team baby Jack loves to share them and also TAG their location in our INSTAstories, creating an interactive store locator on our INSTA Highlights.  Kathy also showed up in one of our recent blog posts about 5 Ways to Support Your Favorite Shops as she displays great marketing content evoking engagement from her customers.

We can't resist great marketing! 

Pineapple on Main, you are so worthy of our September Store of the Month  Spotlight. We look forward to all the different ways to drive traffic to your storefront and the unique ways to spread brand awareness. We hope to continue on a wonderful relationship and meet you in person some day. Be on the lookout for a gift from Team Baby Jack!

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