September babies: We know what your parents were doing around Christmas last year!

Kelley Legler

Babies are born daily. And to make you smile, we want to show you a few of our favorite #babyjackfan pics of newborns --- then move on with our blog post!!

Time for conception. Many people are off of work during the peak times of Dec 17 - 27, not consumed with stresses of work schedules and deadlines so they focus more on one another. The excitement of the holidays may even produce endorphins needed to amplify the deed -- but who am I to say this is so? I don't do science. 
It is mid September - the peak time where OB doctors and labor nurses have received an influx of pages for births. Why are there so many September babies being born? 

September babies are among the most popular due date according to the U.S. Department of Social Security dating back twenty years. Let's truly think about some of the reasons why people take this in December as a time to DO THE DEED...

Winter is a time for cuddling. It requires warmth and connecting and typically with the amount of LOVE and JOY being thrown around during the holidays, it is no wonder why so many families have some BIG NEWS to tell friends and family come January. 

Take a look at the level of popularity for births for the past two decades...

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