Quick Tips & Comfort Ideas for Daycare

Quick Tips & Comfort Ideas for Daycare

Quick Tips & Comfort Ideas for Daycare

Written by: Sandy Moen. She is a mom of three from Milwaukee and a long time #babyjackfan and customer!

Daycare and Preschool can help with a child's emotional, social & cognitive development but It isn't always easy for parents and kids to transition. It is a big milestone but one that can be filled with all kinds of emotions. Teachers are going to be your support system and provide a lot of ways to help you through this. When I worked as a daycare teacher, my heart always went out to parents dropping their kiddos off for the first time and as a loyal #babyjackfan follower, I wanted to share some insight first hand.

One thing that WILL WORK making this new transition easier is to have a set ROUTINE. 

DROP OFF. If at all possible, drop them off at the same time every day. Keep goodbyes quick. A hug and a kiss. A good bye and an I love you will help your kid know that it's time for you to go. Reinforce that they will have fun, and you will be back soon. Then scoot out of there even if they are crying. I know this is the hardest part, but I promise the longer you stay, the harder  it will be.

BRING SOMETHING SPECIAL. Sometimes comfort items like a stuffed animal or Baby Jack lovey can really help. An item that they are familiar with will assist with easing stress for the child, assisting with separation anxiety and help with this new transition. It can be used as a bargaining tool "bring your best friend to school" conversation so they do not feel alone. Always encourage your child to give their "comfort friend" a hug but keep it safe in a backpack at their designated hook. Kids of any age are usually given a cubby for special items and extra clothes or coats.

FAMILY LOVE. The  kids ages that I worked with were 2 and a half year-olds, and what some kids were drawn to was a book we created with pictures provided by the families so they could still see their mom's and dads throughout the day. If your child's classroom doesn't have one, they still should have an option to have a family picture shown somewhere in the room. Sit down and encourage to draw a family picture together - it helps the daycare center know family dynamics too!

PICK UP TIME: Younger classrooms will usually have a sheet with what they did which is mostly eat, sleep, and poop. This might not be a great time to talk to the teacher about everything that happened because sometimes the teacher in the morning is done for the day and a new teacher takes over. I always told my families who picked up after I left that we could always set up a conference if they had any concerns. I recommend using pick up to reinforce that you came back for them, and you are excited to hear about their day.

With my own kids (I have a 5, 3, and almost 1 year old), I sang them a song sometimes before I left and when I picked them up. Maybe the new Music lovey would be a good idea? Do what works for you, and remember that you are doing a great job. I hope these tips help, and good luck!!!

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