Parents Advice to Kids Taken From Popular Hip Hop Music Lyrics - By Peter Fragola

Parents Advice to Kids Taken From Popular Hip Hop Music Lyrics - By Peter Fragola

Parents Advice to Kids Taken From Popular Hip Hop Music Lyrics - By Peter Fragola

by: Peter Fragola & Kelley 
Peter Fragola is a dad, principal and enthusiast of all things music. He's not against Rap and not against Rappers. 

Music and parenting go together, in the words of Frank Sinatra, like a horse and carriage.  When you need help or advice as a new parent the obvious thing to do is call someone who knows what to do, right?  You would obviously reach out to someone with experience and expertise. You also want to gain the knowledge and experience so that you are better prepared to deal next time the situation may arise.

There are millions of books, blogs and child experts who can provide new parents with support as they navigate the ups and downs of raising a child.  However, why just go for the obvious? That’s why when I attempt to drop little nuggets of knowledge on my sons, I turn to the place that helped impart the same essential knowledge on me… Hip Hop Music.

Owner Kelley of Baby Jack & Company feels the same. She designed the Music Shapes You Learning Lovey blanket to educate and inspire young minds with a love for the arts. We are, in fact shaped by music at a young age. 

Enjoy some top pieces of wisdom parents can pass on to their children that came out of the great hip hop music:

ADVICE:  “Only Trust People Who Like Big Butts. They cannot Lie."

TRANSLATION:  Sir Mix A-Lot had it spot on by telling the world the truth. Everyone is allowed to speak their truth and you get more friends that way...

ADVICE:  "All the kids playing out front  / Little boys messin' round with the girls playing double-dutch – The Fresh Prince

TRANSLATION:  Fresh Prince clearly listened to his parents when they told him to get outside, get off his IPad and get some fresh air. 

ADVICE:  “Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly.” –Vanilla Ice

TRANSLATION:  Whenever you are faced with a tough situation… go at it head on and attack it until you succeed just like a harpoon when it… when it, well you know, when it flows.  Everyone knows that nothing works harder at its job than a harpoon… because that harpoon flows every day and every night.


ADVICE:  “The rhythm is the bass and the bass is the treble.” –Warren G

TRANSLATION:  I have no freaking idea… just seems like something you should know in life.

ADVICE: “Too legit to quit” –MC Hammer

TRANSLATION:  Be a kid who grows up and does things the right way.  That’s legit… be so legit that you can never go back to not being legit. Don’t be not legit or unlegit.  And for that reason you must never quit.

ADVICE: You know very well Who you are Don't let 'em hold you down Reach for the stars

TRANSLATION: No matter what people tell you, be you. Do you. 

Bonus advice: Don't you know I love you?  Dear mama. Place no one above you. - Tupac 

Love your mother, always.


How has Music Shaped You?  Join the discussion in our #babyjackfan group and grab a Music Learning Lovey today!


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