Open Ended Play with Baby Jack and The Learning Lovey

Open Ended Play with Baby Jack and The Learning Lovey

Open Ended Play with Baby Jack and The Learning Lovey

Our goal at Baby Jack is to bring comfort and sensory education to young children. We are overjoyed with every story and review that is shared with us.  We love to see photos of your lovey journeys and learn how they benefit your family. 

Our products are designed with kids in mind - and by the owner's two children Jack and Bailey.  The Learning Lovey was created because there was a need for a comfort object that can teach and grow with a child.  There are many loveys on the market, but owner Kelley saw how a simple tag blanket can entertain, educate, soothe and provide safety. 

Our goal was to create a SAFE interactive lovey blanket that can be used and loved from birth into early childhood. It's positive stories like these that affirm that our loveys are exceeding that goal. When owner Kelley started her VIP Facebook group, it derived of customers who were willing to help her small business grow.  Fast forward twelve years later and this group still stands as just that.  Parents with children of all ages who simply love the people behind the brand - Kelley and her team.  This is the sole reason why Kelley changed the company name from Baby Jack Blankets to Baby Jack and Company. It truly is about the company that you keep. 

Runeda S., a member of our Baby Jack VIP facebook group recently shared her Baby Jack story. She came across Baby Jack & Co. at the Prego Expo and was immediately intrigued. "I joined the Facebook group and just love the community and everything you guys stand for. Thank you for welcoming Archer and I with open arms". 

As a parent, involving yourself in your child's play is very important. One easy way to get involved is to ask open-ended questions, it shows them that their opinions, ideas, thoughts, and feelings are important. Therefore, asking open-ended questions says to a child that their contribution matters. All of this helps strengthen a child's self-esteem and self-image.

An open-ended question is designed to encourage a full, meaningful answer using your child’s own knowledge or feelings. Open-ended questions typically begin with words such as “why” or “how” and phrases such as “tell me about…” Open-ended questions do not allow for one-word answers.

Try it with your little #babyjackfan

Where do you think the whale is going?

Why do you think there are so many bubbles? 

Can you tell me about your favorite under the sea ocean animal? 

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