October Store Spotlight: Cedarburg Toy Company Wisconsin

October Store Spotlight: Cedarburg Toy Company Wisconsin

October Store Spotlight: Cedarburg Toy Company Wisconsin

Being a Wisconsin business, you set your eyes on retailers that you want to work with. Those that you hope will carry your products and share your passion for design and bringing comfort to kids. A store that truly supports local makers, their story and are not afraid to shout it to their customers.

This is Cedarburg Toy Company in a nutshell.

Since the day that owner Natasha of Cedarburg Toy Company in Cedarburg, Wisconsin began carrying our Baby Jack loveys and crinkle squares, she continues to bring brand awareness through her social media posts, excitement on site in-store and at their local town events.

This is exactly why we are naming Cedarburg Toy Company our Baby Jack October Store of the Month and the exclusive Baby Jack retailer of Cedarburg!

When you enter Cedarburg Toy, you are engulfed in the cheerful personality saying hello and is usually behind the counter. You as a patron cannot help but smile seeing all the unique toys lined up and that she is ready to demo. The knowledge and joy that radiates from Natasha reflects throughout the layout of the store and makes you happy to shop locally in this downtown gem of a store. 

Cedarburg Toy Company is one of a KIND.

Natasha's love for fueling her customers with great toys doesn't stop in her town, she is committed to giving to several local and international nonprofits - which nudged us closer to nomination of Store of the Month.

Since Baby Jack is a KIND company that gives back to kids in need, we knew that working together with Cedarburg Toy Company in October for a Buy One, We Give One was a must.

For every purchase throughout October at Cedarburg Toy Company, Baby Jack will match and donate to children in need via Friends for Health in Haiti.  
So take a moment to visit this town, all it has to offer and shop local. Your purchase of a Baby Jack lovey or crinkle square will help sponsor a child in need.


  • Thank you so much for picking us and helping kids in Haiti have a lovey too!

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