Mission: Space & Inspiration for Girls

Mission: Space & Inspiration for Girls

Mission: Space & Inspiration for Girls

I lead a scout troop of twenty-two EIGHT year-old girls. I make sure when I introduce and teach at our meetings, they know their capabilities are never limited. Many of the girls are inspired that I own by own business, design our own fabrics and let my kids help with all aspects of Baby Jack & Company. 

When NASA announced that female astronauts would be landing on the moon and conducting the first ALL FEMALE space walk, I wanted to share with my girl scout troop about how far women have come, the goals I personally have reached and get them excited for the ALL FEMALE SPACE WALK! 

This Outer Space design is a personal favorite of mine. I loved working with the kids to create the layers of the moon and talk about the unknown in the atmosphere. It made all the stress worth it when NASA actually purchased our products to sell in their Goddard Training Facility Gift Shop too!  Some day, this design will have the NASA logo printed on it - I just keep reaching for the stars!

After sharing this with my troop, I began to tell them about all the "no's" I heard from stores and to not allow those people telling me NO to stop me in my tracks. Achieving my mission would require hard work which makes the YES so much more exciting! 

Can you imagine all the female astronauts that have dreamed of landing on the moon? Some day soon it will happen and our generation of girls will be able to witness it and create their own kind of Mission Space! 


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