Military Life & Comfort From a Lovey

Military Life & Comfort From a Lovey

Military Life & Comfort From a Lovey

Written by Raelynn, mom of two and military wife who has been a long time #babyjackfan and customer.

Military wife life, where do I begin? Long hours, constant time apart, many moves, stress and anxiety, not to mention being a parent. You have to be ready to uproot at any time. That new friend you got enough courage to talk to last week, may not be there next week. Often it feels like constant see ya later.'s manageable. Wives have been getting through it for decades now. You get what you put into it. 

Over 7 years ago, shortly before our 3 year wedding anniversary, my husband swore his oath to our country, and since then has done so two more times at his re-enlistments. Among this journey we have been in 5 homes, been through 2 deployments, 2 kids, countless days and months apart for schools and training, and been through some battles that have torn marriages apart. How am I still going? Sometimes I ask myself the same question and then I look at my beautiful family, and I know the answer.

My family is the reason that no matter what is thrown our way, we will get through. I have depression and anxiety, that at times can get the best of me. The biggest lesson I have learned in this life, not only being a military spouse but as a mother, is that in order to take care of them, I have to take care of me first. Making that call to seek help and treatment was not easy, but was needed. Taking care of you is different for every single person. For some it means being alone and just needing space from everyone and everything. For others it can mean needing to be surrounded, or just seeking some one on one or group counseling. 

I see a therapist, and I have no shame in that, that is what I have to do to take care for me right now. It allows me to clear my head of those stresses and anxieties, that otherwise, would get the best of me. All too often, especially in the military community, I am seeing families torn apart, marriages dissolved, people that feel going on is no longer an option. If you need help, please make sure you get it. In order to take care of anyone or anything else you have to take care of you first. Do not be afraid to ask for help, it is NOT a weakness. 

Baby Jack was first introduced to me over 3 years ago when my daughter was an infant. I not only fell in love with the product but the community it has built and continues to build each and every day. This mom made business is not just a business, but a family. Some of our personal favorites include the flag lovey, prayer lovey, and Wizard Collection inspired by Harry Potter. Baby Jack has brought comfort to my family in so many different times of need, whether it be during deployment, another move, or just life challenges in general.

Baby Jack has also allowed me to teach my kids that a simple gesture of kindness can go a long ways, you never know who needs that pick me up. These high quality, price point affordable products are changing the lives of families through kindness and comfort every day, one lovey at a time and I am so grateful to be a lifelong customer and #babyjackfan. 

"The best part of life is not just surviving, but thriving with passion and compassion and humor and style and generosity and kindness."
 - Maya Angelou

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