A Mama's Love for her Kids + Cold Coffee

A Mama's Love for her Kids + Cold Coffee

A Mama's Love for her Kids + Cold Coffee

NEW to our social media is our Tuesday Instagram Takeover Series where we get to TAG ALONG with an influential #babyjackfan.

Britnee is a mom of two, manages @mamas_cold_coffee and part of our brand rep group to help us spread the word about our lovey blankets and toys! Her daughter Penelope has loved her loveys since she was under two, when we first connected. Their family lives near the beach in Corpus Cristi, TX and it was obvious to send P our Ocean + Mermaid designs! She has carried these loveys around on adventures, play dates and to the aquarium and we couldn't be more smitten over her adorable captures.

As we grew to learn more about Britnee and P, becoming friends and following her recent pregnancy, we learned more about Penelope and her love for aviation, so we decided to surprise her with our airplane loveys too!

Recently, Britnee gave birth to her second girl, Kennedy and Penelope became a doting big sister. She shared her loveys and Britnee shared a perfectly patriotic picture via her 4th of July post this year! 

We wanted YOU to get to know Britnee more and realize why we follow her instagram account Mamas_Cold_Coffee + see how she is a real supporter of our brand. Also, you can get 25% off any of our 14x18 Loveys and 8x8 Crinkle Tag squares with code COLDCOFFEE. Shop now! 

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