Let's All Share a Smile

Let's All Share a Smile

When writing this blog I had the hardest time finding what pictures to use because there are so many. Honestly, even though Finn has been put through a lot of situations where it would be completely acceptable for him not to SMILE, it brought me a lot of peace and strength saying how much he has smiled through! And the lovey from Baby Jack definitely helped as it brought comfort during difficult times. It was really hard to just pick out just a few smiling photos!

Just look at how far this munchkin has come!? I chose some images of him when he was in the hospital as a baby, all the way up to current! Almost 4 years old and still carrying around his favorite comfort item like an appendage!

There are so many inspirational quotes about smiling that are more than appropriate for today! I would love to hear your favorite! Don’t ever forget the difference that something as simple as a smile could make to someone. Someone that’s going through a tough time can just see someone smile and have it light up their world. A smile can change everything and it’s so true! Especially cute baby smiles right!? 

If you are looking for a way to brighten someone’s day, give them a smile or send them one of your favorite Loveys! (use code FINNSLOVEYS for 25% off to purchase or code KIND to DONATE) We have been able to donate hundreds of these through the help of our faithful prayer warriors and that has meant hundreds of smiles!

So happy world smile day and remember to turn that frown upside down! 

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