Let Freedom Ring.

Let Freedom Ring.

That’s right people! We can’t go through one day of our lives in this amazing country not recognizing the gift we have of freedom. I have always had appreciation for the aspect of Freedom but since it is so close to home, it rang even more true over the past eight years.

My husband Michael worked at the pentagon in Washington D.C .for the U.S. Navy for seven years and this year he will be celebrating his one year anniversary with the U.S. Marines on July 3rd. It's fitting that we are able to celebrate his working milestone right before Independence Day every year. 

We spend a lot of time at our nation's capital between daddy’s work and learning about what daddy does on a daily basis. It’s so important to place this information with your kids at an early age and teach them the true meaning behind our freedom and our flag. 
The best way we do that is exploring all the historical sites when we visit him and incorporate little learnings in our daily lives like view coins, state flags and snuggle our American Flag Learning Lovey by Baby Jack.

The "Flag Lovey" that we have is the older version, the original. It was designed with an active military dad who simply wanted a gift sent for his son while he was deployed. Owner Kelley of Baby Jack & Co. found the star fabric and the plush minky striped backing and sent this to him at his military base. It was so appreciated that the dad ordered a duplicate so HE could keep one with him at all times while he served, staying connected to his son. After hearing this story, we feel good knowing when we take it all over, our kids are able to show their pride for their country through Baby Jack.  You can purchase this lovey online or at White House Gift Shop and Presidential libraries too! 

Finn and Mason bring this thing all over. We just attach it on the stroller or car seat or they have it on their wrist like an accessory. We get stopped by many military families and moms whose husbands are deployed asking where they can get it and help promote Baby Jack since they are so heavily involved in supporting our servicemen and women. 

With the Fourth of July approaching, it’s a staple to have the American Flag Lovey with us at all times and it is pretty much glued to them that week. Finn and Mason know all about the stars and the stripes on the flag thanks to the lovey and we’ve expanded even to talking about states and monumental people like George Washington. It is such a great tool for kids to get involved, be aware and begin to instill important values at a young age about our country and who helped us to get where we are by risking their lives for our Freedom.

Please never forget the people that gave you this life and our freedom. God bless them and all our military families.

Happy Independence Day! SHARE to give praise to those that serve! 

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WOW. Another great blog Kelly. It is so inspiring.
Baby Jack knew exactly what they were doing hiring you for this blog.
Happy Fourth of July early.
God Bless America and may freedom continue to ring!

Dottie Dantzler

Well said Kelly. God bless America and Americans who Respect their country.


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