Language Pathologist for the Milwaukee Center for Independence (MCFI)

Jennifer Marie Eggert, MS, CCC-SLP, C/NDT is a Speech Language Pathologist for the Milwaukee Center for Independence (MCFI) Children’s Programs primarily servicing children in the Pediatric Skilled Nursing (PSN) program. Jen has spent her entire career providing evaluation and treatment for infants and children with a variety of diagnoses, especially in the area of feeding disorders. She has extensive experience with medically involved children in addition to years of experience as an instructor for the University of Wisconsin system. Jen enjoys learning from both the children AND adults in the families she works with.

What I love about the Baby Jack and Co. 
This blanket promotes development for the while child! As professionals, we tend to focus on areas of specialty. Speech therapists, for example, focus on speech/language and feeding. But we are still interested in overall child development. You don’t just treat part of a child, you treat the while child! These blankets promote sensory exploration (touch via hands and mouths, vision via eyes, hearing as a caregiver talks about the blanket), self-calming, movement (both of fingers/hands for fine motor movement and legs for gross motor), learning (colors, shapes, animals) and so much more. I have seen children of all ages and developmental levels benefit from and enjoy these loveys!

MCIF received a donation of 50+ loveys to provide developmental benefits to adults and children.
Milwaukee Center for Independence   

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