Just A Love Story With Prayers for Pregnancy

Josh and Cassie Just knew one another in high school but later fell in love after eventually dating. Josh is the kind of guy where his smile, laugh and kind heart sweeps you and Cassie is a ray of sunshine who constantly has a positive demeanor. Her beauty pulls you in beyond her adorable curls and big smile.

Just a girl and a boy with a passion to be parents. This is their story. 

Josh proposed - asking for her hand in marriage by incorporating their dogs Nala and Beans by tying the ring to their collars. Cassie and Josh have a love for animals, rescuing and adopting, so this was a must to bring in their fur babies on this special occasion. They were married in just a perfect courthouse wedding wearing a white tea-length dress and his military uniform on 11/12/13.  Together, they were ready to begin the journey of parenthood just in time for Josh to move up in his military career as an Army Aviation / UH 60 Blackhawk pilot.

Just a little bit of time, faith, family love and medical help brought them to where they are today - expecting baby Just in April 2019. 

Onesie by kelseyjo’s boutique - image submitted by Cassie Just

The couple started trying in April 2014 and Cassie found out a year later that she had stage IV endometriosis. Endometriosis is the abnormal growth of cells in a location outside of the uterus and makes it difficult to conceive naturally. This extra abnormal growth of cells encouraged them to be sent to a fertility specialist.

Onward and upward towards their parenting dreams...

In February of 2016, Josh and Cassie tried IUI (intrauterine insemination) and it didn't work. Months later in May, Cassie had another laparoscopic procedure to help with the extremely painful blood filled cysts on her ovaries (endometriomas). 

In July/August 2016 the couple tried a frozen embryo transfer (FET) with adopted embryos (they were told her eggs could never produce a viable embryo and that this was their only shot). This didn't work either. This was a devastating outcome for the couple as more stress was added since Josh had to leave days later - for a month - for work. The couple took a long much needed break, staying busy, getting support from friends / family during their healing process and to move twice in a year for Josh's career. 

February 2018 Cassie had her 3rd laparoscopy procedure with an extremely skilled excision surgeon at University of North Carolina - a minimally invasive surgery. This surgery was different in that it excises (cuts out) the scar tissue and adhesions that the endometriosis produces, where as before she was only getting ablation (only lasers off the top layer).

This was the surgery Cassie and Josh just desperately needed. 

This past July of 2018 Josh and Cassie started IVF with her own eggs and his own sperm. Not only did this couple get pregnant, but their medical team just retrieved six more well graded frozen embryos for future cycles and to grow their family! 

Josh and Cassie are expecting their first baby next April 2019. I can personally attest as their step-sister that these two are meant to be parents. Their constant love, devotion and selflessness towards others will reflect beautifully on this child - who was meant to be theirs.  Congrats to you both and I am elated to shower you with Baby Jack Loveys for your little one -- watch for a package in the mail for your Rainbow Lovey, American Flag Lovey and Farm Lovey

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