Trick or Treat with Baby Jack

Trick or Treat with Baby Jack

Trick or Treat with Baby Jack

It's that time of year when houses are covered in spider webs, ghosts and skeletons. Kids of all ages get to dress up as their favorite character as we chase them around the neighborhood - and relish in the fact that it is fall, sweater weather is here and so are the Pumpkin Spice Lattes! There are many things to consider from choosing the perfect Halloween costume, to keeping it safe on Halloween night. 

Choosing the perfect Halloween costume can be difficult. Yeah, the dinosaur costume may be the cutest, but think of your child dragging a giant tail all evening or the tantrums that will occur when the blow up contraption breaks and their costume (and evening) is deflated. Ensure the costume fits properly to prevent trips and falls. The perfect costume should be weather friendly. It's best to add layers then to not have enough. Your goal is to have your child as comfortable as possible for their night of fun.

Trick-or-treating is a favorite for children everywhere! Who doesn't want to stay out late running door to door to get free candy!? It is an opportunity to use your imagination without ANY sort of explanation. Halloween is a chance to become your hero for the day, a moment to hide behind a disguise and be social and to transform from your every day life. Kids get a reprieve and dip into fantasy, which is someone that is 100% fun and normal. 

Before you head out talk about Halloween safety. The number one rule of trick-or-treating only visit houses that have their outdoor lights on. Remind them to stay together and to use cross walks or cross the street at corners. Wear bright colors and carry glow sticks or flashlights.  Attach your child's name address and phone number to their costume. When the night is over take a minute to check your child's candy to ensure nothing looks opened or resealed. 

Always remember that Baby Jack has your back when completing your costume. Our loveys are a fun accessory to add to any cowgirl, astronaut, policeman or fireman!  Use code TRICKORTREAT to grab 10% off your lovey today until 10/31.



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