iSpy Game: Presented by Baby Jack & Co featuring the Unicorn Learning Lovey

Baby Jack & Co. is a children's brand and family business that makes sensory tag blankets and toys with educational designs. Kids benefit from sensory play and develop using a variety of senses, which is what we like to focus on when creating our products!

We are all about bringing fun, learning and comfort to kids of all ages. Many of our sensory tag blanket designs are created by the art of two kids, Jack and Bailey, who hide shapes, letters and numbers in the pictures of the fabrics. This creates a look & find tag blanket that can grow with a child and be a go-to security object for years to come.

Since Baby Jack & Co. is always looking for fun ways to share learning with our followers, we created some iSPY pages that were inspired by our Learning Lovey Collection. We asked our team, brand reps and #babyjackfan customers to help us come up with ideas and give kids of all ages a fun way to interact with our products. Our Unicorn Learning Lovey was designed by Jack's little sister Bailey, adoring all things pink, so it was a perfect opportunity for her to create her own iSPY page.

Just as you can use our loveys as their own look & find design, we encourage you to play along with this iSPY game. Make this a family activity, and let us know which items your kids had fun finding! Did any other object stand out to them?

Download the Baby Jack & Co iSPY Unicorn Page here!

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