Wallace Krause of Happy Loud Life with his Learning Lovey Tag Blanket by Baby Jack

Hiking Guide with a Baby - @Happy.Loud.Life

Hiking Guide with a Baby - @Happy.Loud.Life

Wallace, our nearly 18 month old, LOVES hiking. When he sees the backpack come out, he literally cheers. (Seriously, you have to watch the video at the bottom of this post if only to see how happy he is in it.) We have not always been so excited about hiking with a baby, though. It seriously overwhelmed us in the beginning.

Then we got a few good experiences under our belt, and once we learned that as long as we have some essentials with us, and the art of not overpacking, it got a lot better.

So I thought I’d share what those hiking essentials are for us.  One of those items is a Baby Jack & Co. Learning Lovey, and they are sponsoring this post. Such a natural fit because Wallace loves his and has for over a year.

We don’t do hardcore hikes with the kids. We’re usually only gone a few hours. But we do need to try to prepare for what we can without bringing too much!

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