Must Have Wizard Gifts for Your Muggle Harry Potter Baby

Must Have Wizard Gifts for Your Muggle Harry Potter Baby

Must Have Wizard Gifts for Your Muggle Harry Potter Baby

Baby Jack found the best baby products you will need to train your muggle. No matter if you took the Hogwarts Express, used flew powder, port key or apparate to this blog, you came here seeking some of the greatest Harry Potter baby gifts for your future wizard baby. You grew up reading about the beloved boy who lived and sought after evil, prevailing with love. Harry Potter has instilled many morals and themes into our lives and now you get to pass that onto your child. 

  1. Baby Jack Owl Wizard Lovey Tag Toy for Baby
    Teach baby at a young age about all the magical icons of our favorite stories and movies. Look and find the shapes used to make the pictures -- circles for glasses, triangles on the letter, rectangles for the dark diary. This tag toy provides sensory play and comfort for kids with the variety of textures, soft fabrics and adorable plush snow owl attached to the top. #learninglovey
    Available and a top seller on Amazon

  2. Magical Music Box Hedwig Owl Flight Song via Harry Potter 
    This winding wooden box plays music of Hedwig's final flight from the Harry Potter movies. It is a fun toy to use to engage baby and produce smiles (and social media content reels!) 

  3. Metal 3D Hogwarts Express Train from Harry Potter
    Metal Earth created this fun metal puzzle to display the Hogwarts Express train that takes wizards from platform 9 3/4 to Hogwarts. All aboard! 
    Available at craft and toy stores all over. 

  4. Welcome Tiny Muggle Guest Book
    Magical moments will be made and you will want to grab a quill pen to fill in all the fun that happens at your Harry Potter baby shower.  This is a wonderful way to let your witch and wizard guests share their suggestions for taming your magical baby beast! Found on Amazon.

  5. Wizard in Training onesie provided by Warner Bros. Wizarding World via Amazon is a must have. These come in all four different house colors for your growing muggle baby to wear after they are properly sorted. 

  6. Snow Owl Skip Hop Baby Stroller Shusher Soother
    This stroll and go portable baby lullaby machine makes nap time easier and probably communicating with other babies via owl post! Found on Amazon.

  7. Dobby The House Elf Plush via Hallmark
    Your muggle baby will grow (and shriek like a mandrake) and you will need some help.  This house elf can be a best friend to your Harry Potter baby and ensure that Aunts, Uncles and Cousins are handled with care.

  8. Harry Potter Nursery Art Print by FolkaDotUK via Etsy
    This beautiful art print captures all the magic of the wizarding world, a digital download from a creative UK genius who also loves this boy and his magical world. A must have to bring color to any nursery and display all iconic images from the beloved book and movies.

  9. J.K. Rowling Be Bold Baby Board Book via Amazon
    This is the tale of the woman behind all the stories about our favorite wizard boy, the chosen one, Harry Potter.  Her words, her themes and her fight for this piece of fiction to be published will never go unnoticed. J.K. Rowling is a pioneer among authors who literally got so many kids to enjoy reading again.  Adults were entranced by her words and now many parents get to introduce it all to their babies. 

  10. Golden Snitch Plush Crinkle Toy via Amazon
    Babies and fur babies will love this crinkle plush Golden Snitch toy, just like dogs enjoy the Baby Jack Wizard Learning Lovey Tag Toys too!
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