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Giving Back with Timeless Toys in Chicago

Team Baby Jack

When Scott Friedland asks you to join him for BINGO at Hamburger Mary's in Chicago, you say ABSOLUTELY. Scott is one of those people that when you are near him, you are always smiling. His fun nature is infectious and that is why he is the owner of a toy store in Chicago called Timeless Toys. He knows how to have fun and he does just that for his day job. We also love him since he has a baby boy named Jack! 

Kelley and Tina of Team Baby Jack joined Scott last week for a night out in Chicago for BINGO at Hamburger Mary's talking work, trade shows and all things fun. The following day we joined him at the Lincoln Square Farmer's Market put together by the Chamber of Commerce. 

Timeless Toys had a booth to drive traffic to their store and we joined to help sell some loveys and crinkle square toys! The FUN thing was we were doing a BUY ONE WE GIVE ONE to The Little Dapper Collection who are trying to gift one of their bow ties and a toy in a box to one child in every U.S. state in support of children with disabilities for the Breaking Barriers Campaign.  This promotion of giving back with Baby Jack is ongoing in their store until end of August so we encourage all of our Chicago customers to shop local!

Scott at Timeless Toys is our STORE OF THE MONTH FOR AUGUST and since his wife is a Potterhead we gifted them our NEW Owl Wizard Lovey and a Baby Jack govino beer mug!! As a brand, we are passionate about giving back and connecting with communities. We are happy to have a great relationship with this retailer and align ourselves with another giving small business. 

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