Get Ready for Back to School with Baby Jack

Get Ready for Back to School with Baby Jack

Get Ready for Back to School with Baby Jack

Baby Jack Learning Lovey toys capture educational aspects fit for kids of different developmental stages. These sensory comfort toys come in three sizes and each provides similar value to kids ages baby through preschool. 

No matter if your child is heading to daycare, preschool or elementary school, Baby Jack has so many ideas and items for your little one to continue to grow and help with meeting those milestones!

Kindness, always. 
With every child, new surroundings sometimes get the best of them. Whether they save it for parents or show true colors in the classroom, they are going to need extra kindness and patience. We love the idea of offering this kindness crinkle tag square during classroom "calming sessions" that a pre-school teacher gave us.  It's a great way to encourage learning (count the circles, connect the dots) and stimulate their senses (rub the bumpy backing, fidget the ribbons, crinkle the paper) and give this little one a moment of individual solo play. Let's face it, we all need time to ourselves! 

Farm Learning Lovey Baby Jack Teaches MooExpanding vocabulary: Baby Jack loveys have vivid and contrasting colors which can benefit early visual discrimination and later color vocabulary. Many of the blankets have items that make sounds, which are prerequisites for learning words. A cow says MOO, dinosaurs ROAR, fire trucks BEEP, and airplanes ZOOM. As kids begin talking, you can talk about the items you see, or have them find the item you name. “The rocket ship is flying in outer space!”, “What does a whale do?”, or “How many mermaids can you find?” Many of the designs are made from basic shapes which provides additional pre academic vocabulary learning! This allows kids to learn and explore independently and with others. (Read more from our The Benefits of Sensory Play blog)

Farmer Old McDonald Tag Toy in Wisconsin

Show and Tell with Baby Jack:
A great way for classmates and teachers to get to know you is through show and tell. Teachers use this opportunity to let kids give a glimpse into their lives and we encourage bringing your lovey! Our State pride crinkle squares are a fun conversation piece and learning tool to discuss different places you have visited over the summer and share fun things kids may not yet know! 

Color sheets space moon rockets baby jack learning taggy toy

Color with Baby Jack:
Baby Jack designs fabrics to make children's sensory toys from The Learning Lovey Collection by Baby Jack and adds educational aspects to the prints. Our designs are made by my kids drawings and they use shapes to build pictures. It's been so fun seeing the creations that my own two kids come up with when using their crayons and now your little one can challenge their imagination too! Make a game out of the Learning Lovey and get creating! Have fun coloring, learning and growing! Check out our Coloring PagesInstagram Reel about our coloring game!

Outer Space Moon and Stars Taggie Toy Lovey Blanket

Easing Anxieties and Transitioning with Baby Jack
Change is scary to little ones. They are very routine and react well to what is familiar to them. Separation anxiety happens often when there is a new environment so having a comfort toy to tag along with their day is essential.  Some day care centers and schools allow a special friend, lovey or toy to bring with to keep them calm and at ease for drop off and nap time. Baby Jack Learning Lovey is a great way to provide a parent's scent and positive interaction for your child. We recommend the 14x18 Lovey Tag Blanket, as it is quiet and small enough to tote around and travel with.  Clip it to their backpack and ensure your little one knows it's there.  The ribbons are a wonderful way to ease anxieties and is a calming mechanism, teaching self soothing and will aide in the transition process. 

Get Learning with Baby Jack!
Many of our fabrics can become teaching tools for at home learning or teachers to incorporate into lessons. What started as a toy, turned into fabrics that teach.  Many of our tag toys can provide a variety of facts to your little ones and stimulate their growing minds!  Impress your classmates with all the fun knowledge you will bring to the new school year just by studying your Learning Lovey! 


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