Finding Comfort With Wizarding Words

Finding Comfort With Wizarding Words

Finding Comfort With Wizarding Words

The only way to really handle anything is to get through it. Live through life. But what happens when the days get unbearable and the sadness creeps in? Where do you turn to find the light or a recognizable sign to guide your way?

I go through several different levels of anxiety and depression. (read my story about my dementor) The most uncontrollable and confusing to me is when NOTHING IS WRONG. Tomorrow is a MAGICAL day: Harry Potter's (and J.K. Rowling's) birthday...but somehow I am in a rut. So I did what J.K. would do; I sat down and wrote words. Words to identify my triggers which brought some clarity: I get anxiety about reflecting on past chapters. 

" Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. "

These words have so much meaning to me. These Harry Potter books brought me out of a dark period of my life and gave me the ability to recognize love, laughter, family and friendship. It allowed me to battle my inner demons and share my experiences through my life's passion of my Baby Jack brand. I love that the writing of J.K. Rowling helped them and still affects me after 20 years. 

My child-like enthusiasm appears when anything Wizarding World is mentioned. I get giddy. I escape into a magical world that is nothing like this one. This is why our Learning Lovey Wizard Collection is so important to me - it is my creation to teach kids at a young age about this world and how enchanting it can be! 

But this world can also have darkness and it is up to us to find that light. This morning I wrote a sympathy card to a family member saying that I have no words for their loss of their child / loved one. I wish I could say the right thing but instead I felt like giving them a tangible object of a Wizard Lovey and a book flower created from Harry Potter pages. I hope one day the words on these pages somehow bring comfort to them as they have for me.  

I ordered some of these Harry Potter book flowers for myself as a reminder of how far I have come. Three flowers (because so many things in Harry Potter are in threes!) 1) at my office, 2) in my car and 3) next to my bed. A representation of my story of trials and triumphs, ALWAYS in sight - next to my own lovey, of course the Wizard Lovey.

Kelley Legler, owner of Baby Jack is a PPD/PPA survivor and long time Harry Potter enthusiast who designed The Wizard Collection.

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