Design of the Month: Jungle Learning Lovey by Baby Jack

Design of the Month: Jungle Learning Lovey by Baby Jack

Design of the Month: Jungle Learning Lovey by Baby Jack

Almost ten years ago Baby Jack & Co. was created. We started this business as a hobby, a creative outlet that was needed to help me with being a new mom and being let go from my career.  This adorable fleece fabric found at Walmart was our top seller and inspired our first of many Learning Lovey Collection designs.  I recall sitting / snuggling with my kids and pointing out the whiskers, stripes and ears that they could make out shapes. I just never knew this would turn into our brand essence; educational designs for kids of all ages. 

Jungle brings up so many personal memories.

When I was introduced to textile designing, the thought of educational animals came to me. The book Dear Zoo was a bedtime favorite to read and interact with my own kids. It was a tool to learning basic animals and introducing the sounds they. I will never forget their first Lion "ROAR". I figured it would be a great idea to create a blanket that could evoke the same emotions, bring comfort and to teach! 

How many rectangles can you find on the giraffe?  Do you see the letter "C" for the elephant's mouth? 

The Jungle Learning Lovey is a great gender neutral design that is perfect for boys and girls. It is one of our top selling prints since many retailers offer similar products and these are a great add on. These are the natural colors of the animals that they will see on their zoo trip. Their first encounter seeing a lion will encourage them to have an emotional attachment to this blanket. Their experience at elephant zoo class will motivate them to remember their quality time with a loved one. The silliness of feeding a giraffe will motivate them smile when snuggling with this lovey. It's a comfort object that assists with the cognitive, social and emotional development. 

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