A Military Child Lovey with The Carrying On Project

A Military Child Lovey with The Carrying On Project

A Military Child Lovey with The Carrying On Project

NEW to our social media is our Tuesday Instagram Takeover Series where we get to TAG ALONG with an influential #babyjackfan. It's important to our company to spread awareness about organizations and Baby Jack & Co. will always show love & support for military, fire and police.  When we began creating our American Flag Homeland Security Blanket, we knew partnering with The Carrying On Project would expand our ability to comfort military children who have parents deployed overseas.

The Carrying On Project is a 501c3 non-profit that was founded in 2013 to help provide free quality baby carriers to low income and struggling United States Military families. Providing carriers to families help to create a bond between each military parent and their child. We knew that attaching a lovey or square to these carriers would benefit these kids with sensory stimulation and comfort.

We wanted YOU to get to know Kit, co-founder of The Carrying On Project, and see how instrumental this organization is for military families and how Baby Jack kindness has been popular within their community!  

Team Baby Jack: How did you first hear about us? 
Kit: We go way back. Owner Kelley connected with TCOP in an effort to do an outreach to military families with their American Flag loveys. The photos for a lot of the branding for the flag lovey are of my now almost 8 year old, but even now that we live in Germany with a third baby (19m old) she loves it just as much as my older two did and they've been such a gift to families in our community.

Team Baby Jack: Our brand puts emphasis on safety, comfort and education. Share with us how you teach with your lovey at home.
Kit: We promote and provide babywearing for military families knowing that it can support all three of those ideals. When Military kids are separated from a caregiver, the world can become a strange and uncomfortable place, and carriers can help bridge that gap. Further more, accessories like the BJC loveys can further enhance that bridge because they're designed to be able to connect on to other baby/child items like strollers, exersaucers, and baby carriers. I have some adorable images of my older two daughters holding tightly to their loveys because even though they felt "too big", the separation from their Daddy was bigger and the loveys brought them a sense of familiarity and comfort when the world was too big. We've been able to focus on all of the BJC ideals, but comfort has been the most paramount for not only my house but the families we serve as well.

Team Baby Jack: 
We try to create with education in mind - designing fun prints with shapes or even raising awareness for causes. Tell us how this applies to your child.
Kit: I will be honest, using one of my daughters for some of the branding for the flag lovey was one of the highlights of her little life. She's so proud to be able to tell other people that she helps military families by showing them how to snuggle is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. She will be 8 next month and appreciates the magnitude of sacrifice required from our "littlest military members". The pictures we have of her snuggling her dad and then also her uncle, a LEO, are very real and very tender to us. She had no idea what they do all day, only that they come home to her and throw her in the air and grab her juice boxes when she's sick or animal crackers when she's sad. Now that she's older, she's learning, but the awareness of being part of something bigger than herself before she could fully grasp it will absolutely stick with me.

Need to know more? Follow @carryingonproject on Instagram and be sure to TAG ALONG Tuesday to get some behind the scenes!

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