Benefits of Kids Traveling & Toys to Bring Along

Benefits of Kids Traveling & Toys to Bring Along

Benefits of Kids Traveling & Toys to Bring Along

A great teachable toy is the Baby Jack state & city crinkle tag square. It is great for play on-the-go and a keepsake gift for kids. These teach facts to children about each U.S. state. When people travel, they love to bring something home to their kids OR buy something as a way to remember a fun family trip! As parents, it is a staple to bring a surprise home for the little ones and that helped us create these State Fact & City Crinkle Squares!

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of cities like Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Seattle and Dallas!  Learn about states like Florida, Wisconsin, Vermont and Arizona. 

Traveling for children is a wonderful way to learn.  By experiencing all that their community, city or country has to offer, it gives them a wider perspective and understanding that their world is a lot bigger. Inspired by locations that our small business has traveled or is on our bucket list, Team Baby Jack has developed and designed toys perfect for going places with children. As our collection has grown, it has been wonderful to see the unique photographs that families and photographers have had fun with - creating special moments together. 

Our crinkle squares come in a variety of cities and states that can teach a child about popular landmarks in their town or information important to the state they live in or visit. As you go on adventures, learn about the state flag, the year it became a state, the motto, tree, bird and flower! Identify recognizable buildings, monuments and staples they will remember throughout their childhood.

Kids gain a lot when they travel with you. They develop a respect for culture and diversity and recognize that the we are all unique and amazing in our own ways. It helps children (and parents) to become more adaptable and flexible as well as teaches responsibility and evokes creativity. 

Tell us, where would you like to travel? Do we have a state / city created that can capture where you are from or would like to make memories? 

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