Back 2 School for My Boys

Back 2 School for My Boys

Back 2 School for My Boys

Ugh. Where did the summer go!? And why are Christmas decorations already coming out!? The world seems to be on super speed and here I am, just a mom trying to catch up!  But honestly, I am excited for school to be in session!

First of all, sleep schedule change! Going to bed at 11 and sleeping till 9:30am is about to get real! Starting next week bedtimes and wake ups will be shifted by 15 minutes intervals so that school time won’t be such a shock!

The next is eating. No more 800 snacks a day. I’ll let them know when each meal will be serviced and if you don’t eat you’ll have to be a little HANGRY and cranky for a bit. I need to get them on a better eating schedule or try to for school prep!

The next is all that fun stuff of getting them ready! Back to school clothes (check out Finnspiration for tees), their sleeping comfort items for naps and making sure their shoes fit! I also make sure they have a good lunch box and school bag to bring back and forth. Soon I’ll be buying a winter coat too!!

My oldest Mason will be five in October. He has been obsessed with school busses since he was 18 months old and although he would love to go on a bus this year, he missed the cut off by 17 days so it’s time for one more year of preschool. Baby Jack of course sent him a Traffic lovey when they designed their Learning Lovey with a bus!!

Honestly y’all, I’m glad it’s another year. I don’t want him to grow up and we have had a lot of chaos happening so it will be great to have an extra year of prep! This is the first year we kept Mason out of summer school. He goes back in a few weeks and we are doing a little prep! Some of this may sound familiar in your house!

Finn gets to go to "school" too (therapy) and we were all so happy and surprised that Finn did a great job. He had no separation anxiety, did what he was told, followed order and didn’t want to leave!  He still can’t potty train and that’s ok! As far as eating, he did a great job and didn’t have anxiety but only ate a few bites of an item. The best part is he is comfortable so when he is medically cleared he won't have many restrictions! Oh...and playground time was his favorite! 

What are your tricks for back to school!? What are YOU looking forward to? I’ll need to know more for next summer as kindergarten approaches! Happy new school year!!! 

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