Bachelor Peter Fantasy Suite Game by Team Baby Jack

I don't play fantasy football. I get together with my friends and play Fantasy Suite Bachelor. I create a Bachelor Board with all the participating ladies that are "in it to win it" - I mean, his heart. Then I print it on a large board print via Walgreens and have viewing parties with friends. The fun of the large board is putting an X over a girl who doesn't get a rose, which is equivalent to crossing off a task on a list. 

This board is a talking point among the party and a great way to keep track of who is left in the game of Peter's love life. 

To Play:
All participants at your Fantasy "draft" puts in their "PICK" of two girls that will head to the FANTASY SUITE with Peter. These picks on a piece of paper can go in a jar and remain until the end of the show. Competition is key - you can all throw in $ in the jar or put together a fun gift for the winner at the end of the season (my go-to is a gift set with Aldi wine, cheese + roses)

Download your HI RES BOARD here and have some Bachelor Fun!

Hope you enjoyed our fun way to connect with your mom friends. Please help our small business grow and tell them about Baby Jack & Company from Milwaukee!

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